The Amazing Shoemaker

Fairy Tales and Legends about Shoes and Shoemakers


Salvatore Ferragamo’s amazing life in the context of an extraordinary journey into the world of fairy tales with shoes and shoemakers as their main characters.


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In the course of time, myths and legends from around the world have often featured shoes and the shoemaker’s amazing craft, perhaps because the shoe is a symbol of grace and wealth, or perhaps because of that enchanted aura that surrounds the figure of the shoemaker. Salvatore Ferragamo’s remarkable life, which runs parallel to stories of fairies, mystical shoemakers and magical shoes, also has the ingredients of a fantastic adventure. The reader will be spellbound by each and every chapter of this story, and carried as if in a dream to the realm of imagination: from Salvatore’s childhood to his voyage on a steamer headed towards the United States, down to his arrival in Hollywood, where his shoes conquered the world of cinema and were worn by the most beautiful women in the world: the princesses and fairies of the modern age.

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Dimensions 24 x 28.2 cm
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