The Art of Parenting

A Pictorial Guide of Those Silly Little Moments in Early Years Parenting



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Drew de Soto


There is an art to parenting, but nobody knows what it is. All the ‘how to’ books can never prepare you for the fun that lies ahead.

The Art of Parenting is a must-have for soon-to-be or new parents. It is a pictorial guide to the things only parents of little ones know, and the new ones should know. The early years of parenting are graphically pictured in humorous one-page illustrations that everyone will recognize.

In a straightforward and simplistic manner, Drew de Soto captures the funny, smelly and sometimes difficult moments with new-borns and toddlers.

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Weight 206 g
Dimensions 15.5 x 17.6 cm
Publisher name BIS Publishers
Publication date 1 May 2018
Number of pages 64
Format Hardback
Dimensions 15.5 x 17.6 cm
Weight 206 g
Drew de Soto is the founder (2000) and Creative Director of Navig8 and has gone on to work with some of the most influential UK organizations, these include the British Council, the UK Government, international charities and brands. His previous books Know your Onions - Graphic Design and Know your Onions - Web Design are both BIS Publishers bestsellers.