The Beatles in Comic Strips


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Enzo Gentile, Fabio Schiavo


A collection of some two hundred cartoons dedicated in various ways to the Beatles from all latitudes. A subtle thread links the Beatles to comic strips. And not just because the four musicians had always been fanatic readers of those comics printed on cheap paper. Genuine icons of pop culture, like Marilyn and Coca-Cola, they were fated to meet up with the most classic means of expression, with a clear popular bent, a medium with great narrative and entertainment capacities that easily grabbed the attention of teens of both sexes. The book for the first time investigates and documents the interest that cartoonists, publishers and enthusiasts have shown in their special relationship with the universe of comic strips; a rich and variegated relationship with thousands of publications, in every part of the world, and a production that continues to the present day. In some stories the Beatles are the protagonists, in others they make cameo appearances, while others feature their lyrics transformed into comic strips. Published on the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four first single (Love Me Do) at the beginning of September 2012, the book celebrates the band with a festive, fun and original product, conveying a dimension that does not age, transmitting the legend that endures through the years and changing fashions.

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