The Book of Do-ness

234.5 Ideas to Beat your Daily Laziness



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Sara van de Ven


During the last decade a lot has changed. The Digital Age has made its entrance and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A lot of people grew up with having digital equipment around and can’t even imagine not having it around. That’s a good thing, because we can entertain ourselves, communicate with people all across the globe and everything you’ve ever wanted to know is easy to find thanks to Google. But there is a downside; we spend so many hours a day looking at a screen that we’re at a point where we sometimes forget to actually DO something. Research has shown that it’s good for the mind to physically DO things. With that in mind, if you compare our time on earth with the Big Bang evolution, it isn’t such a long time ago we were still prehistoric creatures. In that time we were doing stuff all the time! And nowadays, our digital evolution is going so fast we can’t keep up. There’s much more to write about this, but you’ll probably already get the point… We don’t know how to combine our prehistoric needs and our digital cravings. And that’s where this book comes in… The Book of Do-ness is a very practical, useful and funny guide that gives you 234,5 tips on what to do. With these ideas you’ll never get bored and hopefully it will train your ability to think a little bit more outside of the box when it comes to DOing things. It’s easy, fun and you even become more social after reading it…

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Publisher name BIS Publishers
Publication date 1 April 2017
Number of pages 240
Format Hardback
Dimensions 15.3 x 15.3 cm
Weight 466 g


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Sara van de Ven is the assistant publisher and the PR & Publicity manager for BIS Publishers. She studied Concepts & Brands, with a minor in Visual Culture, at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She is also a freelance Graphic Designer, picture editor and loves to write funny short stories.