The Everyday and Everydayness

Two Works Series Vol. 3



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Julie Mehretu, Henri Lefebvre


‘The character of the everyday has always been repetitive and veiled by obsession and fear’, wrote Henri Lefebvre in 1987. Drawing on his mid-twentieth century ‘critique of everyday life’, a monumental contribution to social thought, The Everyday and Everydayness takes seriously the everyday as a structure imposed upon all of life in the context of the ‘modern’. At a moment of enforced reflection on the everyday, revered contemporary artist Julie Mehretu re-examines and responds to Lefebvre’s text, bringing to bear on it her own longstanding fascination with questions of time, space and place. Mehretu’s mastery in interrogating these concepts collides with Lefebvre’s work in surprising ways that vindicate and invigorate this radical, rich and prescient text in the present.

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Weight 148 g
Dimensions 15 x 21 cm
Publisher name Walther & Franz König
Publication date 14 October 2021
Number of pages 64
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 15 x 21 cm
Weight 148 g


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Julie Mehretu is an American contemporary visual artist, known for her multi-layered paintings of abstracted landscapes on a large scale. Her paintings, drawings, and prints depict the cumulative effects of urban socio-political changes. Henri Lefebvre was a French Marxist philosopher and sociologist, best known for pioneering the critique of everyday life, for introducing the concepts of the right to the city and the production of social space, and for his work on dialectics, alienation, and criticism of Stalinism, existentialism, and structuralism.