The Flavours of Arabia

Cookery and Food in the Middle East



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Florian Harms, Lutz Jäkel


This richly illustrated volume not only features nearly ninety recipes from many top chefs across the Islamic world, but also customs, traditions, historical background and culinary tales from eight countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Dubai, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

This diversity displays the richness of Middle Eastern cookery. Insights into everyday eating habits, the uses of spices and herbs, coffee houses, restaurants and bazaars, and the famous hospitality of Arabia make this book a pleasure, both for those who already love the Middle East and for those who are keen to know more.

From the Arabic-European fusion cuisine of Dubai to bread baked in the sand of the Libyan desert, from Lebanon’s top TV chef to the favourite dishes of Moroccan housewives and from exclusive haute-cuisine recipes to hearty country fare, here is the entire, enticing range of Middle Eastern culinary culture.

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Publication date 25 October 2007
Number of pages 272
Format Hardback
Dimensions 24.6 x 32.5 cm
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Florian Harms is a journalist who has spent several years travelling and working in the Islamic world. His work has featured in many German and Swiss publications Lutz Jäkel is a photojournalist and historian who has known and loved the Islamic world since childhood, and is a frequent visitor there on his travels as a photographer for newspapers and magazines.