The Helsinki School

The Nature of Being, Vol. 6


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Grey Crawford, Antje-Britt Mählmann, Timothy Persons, Marja Sakari


The Nature of Being is the sixth volume from the series of books about the Helsinki School. It concentrates on bringing together the various approaches used by the School’s representatives to conceptualize nature visibly. The stated goal is not to limit oneself to purely physical depictions of animals, plants, and landscapes. Nature ought to be expressed through a different type of unit and with a new way of gauging time. Days, months, and seasons become the points of crystallization for time. Thus, the photographs reflect a Nordic sense about feelings of loneliness, jealousy, or desire. The works provide photographic insight into the complex horizon of emotions that characterize our individual views of nature. They do not portray landscape as such, but the world in which we live.

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Publication date 10 February 2020
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Dimensions 24.8 x 29.9 cm
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Since the 1990s the name HELSINKI SCHOOL has been used to describe a group of fine art photographers who studied, taught, or graduated from the Aalto University's School of Art, Design and Architecture. The term unites a consistent conceptual approach.