The Holey Bible

Guidance on How to Live a More Creatively Enlightened Life



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Paulina Larocca


The Hole-y Bible is a book that helps us to more easily spot the “holes” in our thinking, hence the title. It shows how you can orchestrate personal and professional breakthroughs deliberately. It does not promise you will become creatively enlightened. Yet, it does provide detailed guidance on what you can do to prime your brain for more breakthroughs to encourage your creative enlightenment. If you are seeking a new purpose and are interested in harnessing the power of creative thinking to bring about change, then The Holey Bible is for you. It will help you to identify the questions to bring a new paradigm for transcendent and lasting change.

The words, images and ideas contained in this work aren’t simply pretty platitudes and intellectual curios, beautiful and poetic as they are. This is a work that has the power to unplug the self from the cycles of experience, profoundly inspire critical reflexiveness and raise our consciousness – or not! It might just sit on your coffee table until you are ready for it. Therein lies the power of this book; it can plant seeds or radically inspire or quietly comfort or just be a pretty and reckless, but not quite feckless, thing! It came to me at a time when I needed it most and forced me to thoroughly embrace the depths of my own humanism, with humility, compassion and above all hope. I am grateful.” Dr Sunny Naicker, activist and academic but mostly just a fellow human

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Publication date 8 July 2020
Number of pages 112
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Dimensions 19.6 x 23.3 cm
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Paulina Larocca is a published BIS author of Creativity+ and Connecting. She is is a leading creativity consultant and trainer with more than 15 years' experience delivering innovation for multi-national corporations.

Tony Ibbotson is co-author of Connecting. He is the founder of The Creative Method design agency established in 2005 and is now recognised as one of Sydney's best design agencies.