The Irish Pub


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James Fennell, Turtle Bunbury


Ireland is synonymous with pubs, traditionally the focal point of community life. Yet in 21st-century Ireland the traditional pub is rapidly disappearing.

This nostalgic tour presents pubs from all four provinces that epitomize the charm of old Ireland. They range from the richly decorated Victorian bars of Belfast and Dublin to country shop pubs that double as grocery stores. James Fennell’s atmospheric photographs and Turtle Bunbury’s engaging descriptions capture the essence of each pub and provide a rich chronicle of this unique facet of community life.

Here is a tribute to the way things were, a representative record of what survives and a reminder of the charm of the Irish pub.

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James Fennell's photographs have appeared in many books. They range from candid portraits of Ireland's vanishing traditions and characters, to capturing the unique legacy of history and magnificence of some of Britain's finest properties.

Turtle Bunbury, interiors specialist, historian and travel writer, was educated in Dublin and Scotland.