The Killer Detail

Defining Moments in Fashion: Sartorial Icons from Cary Grant to Kate Moss


Striking photographs of 126 influential celebrities of the twentieth century highlight a sartorial detail that the stars wore first and that, as a result, redefined fashion.


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François Armanet, Élisabeth Quin


The killer detail: a singular feature that catches the eye, encapsulates an attitude, or refines a style, distinguishing the wearer from the crowd. A ribbon on a hat, a belt knotted around a trench coat, the lining of a jacket, the lacing on a boot. Ephemeral, and yet timeless. Written and curated by seasoned journalists whose intimate backstage knowledge is matched only by their assiduous research, these rare, often candid portraits by celebrated photographers from Helmut Newton and Linda McCartney to Peter Lindbergh and Annie Leibovitz reveal as much about the ethos of the star as about their sartorial choices. Covering all aspects of the wardrobe from head to toe, the authors provide astute analysis of the killer detail as an element of the celebrity’s own iconic style, and as a lasting contribution to the history of fashion. From Marlene Dietrich’s pant suit to Chloë Sevigny’s leather “Perfecto”; from Liz Taylor’s leopard print swimsuit to Jimi Hendrix’s military jacket; and from Marvin Gaye’s vinyl raincoat to Frank Sinatra’s fedora, this book tracks the making of fashion legend through the icons that inspired it; the individuals who dared to invent new perspectives in fashion that continue to be reinterpreted on runways and in the street.

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