The Little Book of Cigars


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√Čric Deschodt


Orson Welles, Che Guevara, and Winston Churchill may not have agreed on political matters, but they had one thing in common: they all ap p reciated the savor of a good cigar. Dating back to the Arawak Indians who greeted Columbus on his arrival in the West Indies, the cigar is fo r many a symbol of the good things in life. The Little Book of Cigars is an informative and handy guide, c overing a wide range of issues related to the cigar, in an easy-tounderstand alphabetical format with e x t e n s i ve cro s s – re fe re n c i n g . From Accessories (all the accoutrements designed to improve smoking pleasure) to Vuelta Abajo (re p u t e d ly the source of the finest tobacco in the world), discover with The Little Book of Cigars the history of the cigar, i rrevocably associated with that of Cuba, where the cigar has been elevated to an art form. The book includes a bibliography and user’s guide for those wishing to discover more. Thoroughly researched, with full-color illustrations on every page and a unique color-coding system for ease of reference, The Little Book of Cigars will delight all those who revel in the aroma of a fine Monte Cristo or Romeo y Julieta.

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Publication date 8 November 2001
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Dimensions 12 x 22 cm
Weight 235 g