The Louvre Abu Dhabi

A World Vision of Art



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Jean-François Charnier


A reflection on art history in its most current and global aspects.

This reference book will serve as a manifesto for the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It will offer analyses and reflections based on the artworks from the museum collections, that will be written by world-famous art historians. These essays will discuss topics specific to art history, as well as issues of representation, from the Neolithic times until today, across all continents. In other words, this book will put back the Louvre Abu Dhabi in its 21st century framework, while expanding on its role as a universal museum.

Following its opening in 2017, a real international event, the museum will present in this way a reflective book, designed for everyone, embodiment of the spirit of universality promoted by this Louvre of the sands.

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Dimensions 26 x 32.8 cm
Publisher name Editions Skira Paris
Publication date 15 January 2020
Number of pages 400
Format Hardback
Dimensions 26 x 32.8 cm
Weight 2797 g

Jean-François Charnier - Scientific director of the Agence France-Muséums.

Alexandre Nagel - Lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, specialised in Renaissance and modern art.

Martin Kemp - Art historian and professor emeritus at Oxford University,specialist of Leonardo da Vinci.

Chika Okeke-Agulu - Artist, professor of art history at Princeton University.

John Onians - Art historian and professor emeritus at East Anglia University.

Marc Augé - Ethnologist and anthropologist.

Sabiha Al Khemir - Tunisian writer, illustrator and art historian, specialised inIslamic art.

Maurice Godelier - Anthropologist.

David Summers - Professor of art theory and specialist of the Italian Renaissance at Virginia University.

Philip Jodidio - Art historian, specialised in architecture.

Salvatore Settis - Art historian and archeologist.

Hou Hanru - Art critic and curator, artistic director for the MAXXI in Rome.