The Nao of Brown



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Glyn Dillon


Nao Brown suffers from OCD, but not the hand-washing, overly tidy type that people often refer to jokingly. Nao suffers from violent, morbid obsessions, while her compulsions take the form of unseen mental rituals.

Working part-time in a ‘designer’ vinyl toy shop, while struggling to get her own illustration career off the ground, she’s still searching for that elusive love – the perfect love. And in meeting the man of her dreams, she realises… dreams can be quite weird.

Nao’s meditation practice is an attempt to quieten her mind and open her heart, and it’s through this that she comes to understand that things aren’t so black and white after all. In fact, they’re much more… brown.

This new edition contains eight pages of additional material, including previously unseen artwork, which gives an insight into Glyn Dillon’s creative process.

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Weight 1010 g
Dimensions 20.2 x 26.7 cm
Publisher name Self Made Hero
Publication date 1 October 2019
Number of pages 216
Format Hardback
Dimensions 20.2 x 26.7 cm
Weight 1010 g


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Born in 1971, Glyn Dillon has had a wide-ranging career, working as a storyboard artist, concept artist and designer for both film and television.

After spending his early career drawing comics, he went on to work as an illustrator in toy design and animation. He then wrote and drew the graphic novel The Nao of Brown, for which he won the Best Book prize at the British Comic Awards in 2013. The French translation, Le Nao de Brown, also garnered him the 2013 Prix Spécial du Jury du Festival d'Angoulême. In 2014, it won the Best Foreign Book award at the Treviso Comic Book Festival, Italy.

More recently, Glyn Dillon was co-costume designer on Rogue One and Costume Chief Concept Artist on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He and Dave Crossman worked as Costume Designers on SOLO: A Star Wars Story. He lives in London, England, with his wife and two sons.