The Rose Window

Splendour and Symbol


A study of the rose window both as a feature of the architecture and as an artform in its own right

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Painton Cowen


This is the first systematic study of the rose window, one of the most inspiring creations of the Gothic age, both as a feature of the architecture and as an artform in its own right.

With almost three hundred different roses illustrated in stunning original photographs, this sumptuous book will become the definitive study of the subject.

After a brief overview of the history of the rose, the story traces the evolution of the form across nine centuries. There are illuminating explanations of the iconography and the design and building of the rose, giving detailed analysis of the glazing and geometry of key windows such as Lausanne and the Sainte Chapelle.

The rose is placed in its artistic and architectural context to show how it responded to – and often inspired – major stylistic shifts. The book is complete with a country-by-country Gazetteer of rose windows to help plan visits.

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Painton Cowen has spent the best part of his life photographing and studying stained glass and rose windows in particular. He has published a number of books on glass, including A Guide to Stained Glass in Britain and Six Days: The Making of the Chester Cathedral Creation Window, and often lectures on this and other subjects.