The Short Story of Women Artists

A Pocket Guide to Key Breakthroughs, Movements, Works and Themes



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Susie Hodge


The Short Story of Women Artists tells the full history – from the breakthroughs that women have made in pushing for parity with male artists, to the important contributions made to otherwise male-dominated artistic movements, and the forgotten and obscured artists who are now being rediscovered and reassessed.

Accessible, concise and richly illustrated, the book reveals the connections between different periods, artists and styles, giving readers a thorough understanding and broad enjoyment of the full achievements that female artists have made.

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Publisher name Laurence King Publishing Ltd
Publication date 21 September 2020
Number of pages 224
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 15.7 x 21.5 cm
Weight 547 g
Susie Hodge is an art historian, historian and artist. She is the bestselling author of numerous books, among them The Short Story of Art and The Short Story of Modern Art.