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Culled and assembled by Romeyn Beck Hough between 1888 and 1913 in what still remains a stunning and unparalleled achievement, American Woods-originally published in 14 volumes, with actual specimens mounted on card stock-is a work of breathtaking beauty that has set the standard for the study of trees and wood.
TASCHEN’s Wood Book reproduces, in painstaking facsimile, all of the specimen pages from the original volumes; for this purpose we have obtained the use of an extremely rare original set of volumes in very good condition, with minimal damage to the cuts of wood. For all trees, now arranged in alphabetical order, three different cross-sectional cuts of wood are represented (radial, horizontal, and vertical), demonstrating the particular characteristics of the grain and the wealth of colors and textures to be found among the many different wood types. Also included in this special edition are lithographs by Charles Sprague Sargent of the leaves and nuts of most of the trees, as well as texts describing the trees’ geographical origins and physical characteristics.
Interior designers, craftspeople, nature enthusiasts, and artists alike will enjoy this beautiful collection of wood samples which includes many trees that are now very rare or completely extinct.
“The specimens, as things of beauty, are greatly to be prized…. The work is valuable and unique.” -The Boston Globe

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Dimensions 16.8 x 24.4 cm
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