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Tom Jacobi


Since earliest times the colour white has exerted a powerful fascination on Man for its purity, glistening brightness, magic and symbolism. Fascinated by the power of the colour white, Tom Jacobi travelled seven continents and p hotographed breathtaking la ndscapes which reveal a timeless power and offer space for contemplation.

The colour white is an integral part of the history of mankind, from a religious point of view and in philosophy and nature. The Bible states: “God spoke: Let there be light” .

For th e ancient Egyptians white was the colour of happiness. The Romans described someone who was always lucky as a “Child of the White Hen”.

In Buddhism the white lotus blossom is the symbol of enlightenment. And the Antarctic summer shows one of the most hau nting landscapes in white. Tom Jacobi’s landscape photos celebrate the colour white in an impressive manner: monumental, magical and the opposite of black: light compared with nothingness and chaos.

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