Too Many Girls



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Jonty Lees


Jonty Lees brings his peculiar humour and style to this original children’s book

Downtrodden and hen-pecked by his partner and two daughters, the ‘Daddy’ of the story decides to take things into his own hands. Tired of not being able to eat his favourite pies, listen to Neil Diamond and do the things he likes to do he starts to make changes around the house. The inevitable fight that results between the family is funny, unusual and, at times, bizarre. And only after they have battled over food, fashion, interior decorating, personal hygiene and music do they all unite again as one big happy family.

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Weight 166 g
Dimensions 22 x 28 cm
Publisher name Eight Books Ltd
Publication date 1 July 2013
Number of pages 36
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 22 x 28 cm
Weight 166 g


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