Traditional Textiles of Central Asia


A spectacularly illustrated survey of the vivid and romantic textile traditions of Central Asia


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Janet Harvey


No region has a textile tradition more vivid and romantic than that of Central Asia. This book provides a spectacularly illustrated survey of these textiles, displaying in more than 200 colour plates the opulent silks and velvets, the exquisite embroideries, the magnificent felts and woollen fabrics, and the fine cotton weaves produced throughout the area – in the workshops of the oasis towns of the Silk Route, the houses of the smaller villages and towns, and in the nomads’ tents on their outdoor looms.

Janet Harvey describes the decorative motifs, the materials, dyes and looms; the types of object made and their diverse regional and tribal variations; the clothes and costumes; and the lavish embroideries and embellishments. A valuable source of information for designers and students, collectors and travellers, the volume includes an essential glossary, bibliography and a list of collections.

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Publication date 10 October 1997
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Dimensions 20.9 x 29.7 cm
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Janet Harvey has travelled extensively in Central Asia, studying at first hand the making and uses of the textiles so central to the lifestyle of the region.