Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer



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Walter Chandoha


Walter Chandoha is a master within the genre of commercial animal photography. His photographs of cats in particular have appeared in the pages of National Geographic and Life magazine, as well as been absorbed into the public subconscious via posters, pet- food packaging, T-shirts, and other uses. The internet is awash with cat pictures, and Chandoha’s cat pictures might be seen as the forefather of them all. This is a fun book for all ages, and offers insight into the unique career of a successful photographer who carved out his own niche within his field. Walter Chandoha is interviewed by David La Spina, who has been working with Chandoha and his family to bring his unique archive to public attention, primarily via the New York Times and New York Times Magazine . The interview includesphotography tips and diagrams of Chandoha’s studio set-up, as well as how the photographer came to make a living with animal photography.

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Walter Chandoha (born in Bayonne, New Jersey, 1920) is a veteran photographer and writer who has worked as a professional freelancer for over forty years. His flora and fauna photography has appeared on over three hundred magazine covers; in thousands of advertisements for various companies, from small businesses to the Fortune 500; in numerous book publications; and on posters, billboards, various printed matter, and even credit cards. David La Spina is a photographer and cofounder of Roman Numerals press. Brittany Hudak is a PhD candidate in the joint program of Art History at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Case Western Reserve University.