What I’ve Learned

28 Creatives Share Career-defining Insights


Inspirational interviews with 28 world-renowned designers and architects shed light on the experiences that have influenced their lives and work.


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The regular feature What I’ve Learned in Frame magazine opens the door for readers to discover m ore about their favourite designers and architects. In candid interviews, these individuals not only reflect on the path their careers have taken them and the industry at large; they also talk about beliefs and experiences that have shaped their lives. The interviews are presented in the first person: the designer/architect opens up and tells readers their own thoughts, memories, opinions, stories, etc. in a candid, warm and honest fashion.

Revisiting each of these interviews for compilation into this new book, What I’ve Learned includes new material and further insights. The accompanying visuals are serious or playful, depending on the interview subject; always with portraits capturing their character in unique and individual ways. The book does also featu re the most important projects or products with which these established creatives made their name, but in a personal way with the intricacies of real – life woven in.

The creative conversations illustrated in this title demonstrate the strengths and inspira tional vision of personalities such as Tom Dixon, Jaime Hayon, Piero Lissoni, Ingo Maurer, Inga Sempe and Patricia Urquiola, making this a vital book for anyone interested the design industry.

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