Wo Sind Wir Hier, Nathan Egel? (Bilingual edition)



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Thomas Wessel


In his large-format paintings, Nathan Egel combines Style elements and motifs of European painting history in one way or another, already granted him great attention at a young age. His dynamic painting picks up the epics of old masters and transforms the historical formal language into energetic compositions. His extensive works include fleeting drawings, fine watercolour and abstract oil painting. They all communicate the special perception of the artist, his observant view of the environment and society.

On the one hand, Where are we here, Nathan Egel? answers the question of the place of the artistic work and on the other hand goes into the versatility of the of the artist. In his huge “Blackforest Studio”, an old laundry, Nathan Egel works between what is left over and objets trouvés and stages his pictures in their own context. Here impressive works are created, which are deliberately not related to academic orientations. The present volume provides a first overview of Nathan Egel’s multifaceted work. Notably, the large-format works are impressively illustrated here via the fold-out panels.

Nathan Egel, born 1992 in Müllheim/Baden, Germany, grew up as seventh of eight children in a family influenced by art and music, which has already introduced me to creative work at an early age. His works were to be seen already in the Freiburg Concert House, the Artraum Gallery and the KunstPalais Badenweiler.

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NATHAN EGEL (*1992, Müllheim, Baden) grew up as the seventh of eight children in a family influenced by art and music. His works have been shown at the Freiburg Concert House, the Artraum Gallery, and the KunstPalais Badenweiler.