You Can Find Inspiration in Everything*

*and if you can't, look again


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Paul Smith


Far from being a fashion monograph, this award-winning book ‘images’ Paul Smith’s brain on to the page, presenting original and often humorous thoughts and ideas in shop windows, in advertising campaigns, in photographs and souvenirs brought back from world travels that became the inspiration for the book of the season. In addition to texts and images by Paul Smith himself, collaborations include: an account of his teenage obsession with cycling by Richard Williams, sports writer on the Guardian; a fiction by celebrated novelist James Flint; interviews with neuroscientist Dr Semir Jeki and curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist; two posters; and ‘The Bunny’, a comic book within the book, complete with a cryptic crossword, puzzles, a fold-out board game and illustrations by various acclaimed artists and designers.

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Weight 1171 g
Dimensions 22 x 25.6 cm
Publisher name Violette Editions
Publication date 1 October 2008
Number of pages 296
Format Paperback / softback
Contributors Introduction by William Gibson
Dimensions 22 x 25.6 cm
Weight 1171 g


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