Young Love


The magical world of ‘young love’: the universal story on the all-consuming, overwhelming moment when nothing else seems to matter and you love to the point of madness.

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Karen Rosetzsky


Young Love is Karen Rosetzsky’s first book, and as the title would suggest, is all about… ‘young love’. Featuring a selection of photographs taken over the course of three years in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, New Orleans, Willemstad, Prague, Cape Town and Paris, it presents an eclectic mix of all sorts of different stories and people, joined together in a pattern that is Karen’s incomparably raw and emotional sense of photography. Picture after picture shows an entirely personal insight into the magical world that is ‘young love’. That all consuming, overwhelming moment filled with tenderness and desire, when nothing else seems to matter and you appear to love to the point of madness. That’s the moment we all dream we could capture, and once gone, strive forever to relive. One simply can’t help but fall in love… all over again.

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Weight 1646 g
Dimensions 23.4 x 30.8 cm
Publisher name Halal
Publication date 1 October 2016
Number of pages 300
Format Hardback
Dimensions 23.4 x 30.8 cm
Weight 1646 g


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Karen Rosetzsky is a Danish fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Amsterdam. Her passion for photography started at an early age, with a camera given to her by her father. Known for her extraordinarily energetic images that always contain a touch of Rock 'n' Roll and that feeling of togetherness and belonging, Karen also insists on a certain amount of realness in people, love as well as emotions in her images. This vibrant yet at the same time peaceful style has become Rosetzsky's trademark and is very much on trend both in fashion and advertising, making Karen one of the most sought after photographers of today. Her client list includes brands such as G-Star, Absolute Vodka, C&A, Converse, O'Neill and Schweppes as well as Vogue, Elle, Glamcult and L'Officiel.