University and college tutors may request inspection copies of our titles as per the guidelines below.

To request an inspection copy, please email with the following information:
• Your name and institution
• Your departmental position
• Your institutional postal address
• Your email and telephone number (for courier delivery)
• Your course title, module name and level, course start date and projected number of students

Please note:
• We offer up to 12 inspection copies per tutor per year. Tutors may request up to 3 books at a time.
• Not all books are available as inspection copies. Requested titles must have course adoption potential.
• Normally, only paperback editions can be supplied.
• Inspection copies can only be sent to institutional addresses.
• In order to retain your book free of charge, you must complete and return to us the feedback form accompanying the book. Your feedback is very important to us.
• We will not be able to process further inspection copy requests from you until we have received your feedback.