Getting Published

Thank you for considering submitting your proposal to Thames & Hudson Australia. Please note that we focus predominantly on Australian content in the following areas: arts (fine or decorative), history (Australian, natural or cultural), architecture, science, design, fashion, gardens, photography and popular culture.

We specialise in illustrated books, children’s books and narrative nonfiction. We do not publish fiction or poetry and tend not to publish outside our existing subject areas.

If your proposal fits our criteria, please send it to

All proposals should include:

  • A brief synopsis and rationale for the project
  • Table of contents
  • A small selection of sample material (both text and pictorial)
  • For children’s book proposals, please indicate the target age range of the book
  • Market information detailing audience and competition
  • Promotional leads (social media presence, relevant experience and media contacts)
  • A very brief biography of you and, if relevant, your co-author(s)
  • Your contact details

Please send the proposal as an email with attachments and make sure that the total size of your proposal does not exceed 5MB. We will be in touch if we require any more material.

Due to the high volume of proposals received, we do not give feedback on unsolicited proposals and cannot accept submissions sent via post or phone. If we are interested in your proposal, we will endeavour to get in touch with you.