90s Icons

500 piece jigsaw puzzle



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Any millennial will say that the 90s were the best decade, and they’re very much correct. Much of 90s culture dictates the world today. Without Friends or Seinfeld, would our world still turn? If Nirvana hadn’t made it big, would grunge have ever reached the masses? Can anyone even pass a driving test without training in Mario Kart?? We doubt it, and this jigsaw puzzle just about proves it.

As you assemble this puzzle, get ready for Nokia, Nintendo 64, Tamagotchi, Discman, Rollerblades, Bucket hats, CD-ROM, Beanie Babies, chokers and more! Then there’s personalities like Oprah, the Fresh Prince, Princess Diana, Madonna, the Spice Girls and Britney Spears, as well as the classic film and TV of the 90s: Dawson’s Creek, Jurassic Park, Pretty Woman, Home Alone, Mrs Doubtfire, Pulp Fiction and more!

Blast your favourite Madonna album while you’re doing the jigsaw for the full immersive experience.

Additional information

Weight 586 g
Dimensions 23 x 34.1 cm
Publisher name Smith Street Books
Publication date 1 July 2020
Number of pages
Format Jigsaw
Contributors Illustrated by Niki Fisher
Dimensions 23 x 34.1 cm
Weight 586 g


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Niki Fisher is a graphic designer living in the skiing hub of Jindabyne, Australia. Her illustrations have appeared in Monocle Magazine, Oyster Magazine, Lonely Planet guides and elsewhere.