Around Antarctica

Exploring the Frozen South



ISBN: 9780500653135 Category:

Tania Medvedeva, Maria Vyshinskaya


A beautifully designed, fact-filled fold-out book on Antarctica.

John, an intrepid journalist, has long dreamt of visiting Antarctica – and finally his dream is coming true. He’s off to Antarctica to be part of a scientific expedition. Join him on his journey as he learns all about this amazing continent and the people who work there.

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Weight 616 g
Dimensions 26.1 x 26.5 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 28 October 2022
Number of pages 72
Format Hardback
Dimensions 26.1 x 26.5 cm
Weight 616 g


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Tania Medvedeva is a STEAM expert and science populariser, and author of popular science books for kids. As a specialist in radioactive chemistry and nuclear medicine, Tania integrates her experience in applied science into her tailored science courses for students of all ages. Tania is a polar enthusiast currently investigating the impact of Antarctica on the global warming. Her mission is to help children explore our world with all its complexity and beauty, investigate and preserve it. Maria Vyshinskaya is an artist and illustrator from Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing with a major in the art of book graphics. According to Maria, children's illustration makes it possible to never stop exploring the world! And each new book for her is a journey. In children's books, she tries to create an interesting world full of movement, colour and humour. Her main inspiration is travelling and childhood memories.