Art & Archaeology of the Roman World


A new history of Roman art and archaeology, from its very beginnings in Etruscan art to the adoption of Christianity.


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Mark D. Fullerton


Mark D. Fullerton blends the art of the Roman period with its history of political intrigue, military and religious ideologies, and intercultural interaction. The book not only explores the art of Rome itself but also that of the Roman provinces, including Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Greece and the British Isles, showing how Roman art drew from and influenced the wider ancient world.
Each of the book’s four parts opens with a timeline and historical overview, allowing the reader to better understand how the art relates to the political and social lives of the people of ancient Rome. Individual chapters begin with a map of Rome, illustrating how the city changed over centuries of rebuilding and reimagining.
With an introduction, ‘What Is Roman about Roman Art?’, and ‘Materials and Techniques’ features on the artistic innovations introduced by the Romans, such as concrete, linear and atmospheric perspective, and mosaic, the book explores how Roman influences still affect the art and architectural world today.

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Mark D. Fullerton is Professor of History of Art and Classics at The Ohio State University. He has held positions in the Archaeological Institute of America and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, and has served as a staff member of several archaeological excavations in both Italy and Greece. He is the author of Greek Sculpture, Greek Art and The Archaistic Style in Roman Statuary, and co-editor of Ancient Art and Its Historiography.