Be a Scribe!

Working for a Better Life in Ancient Egypt


This book is not yet published, but will be available from June 2024.

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Michael Hoffen, Christian Casey, Jen Thum


An immersive story of daily life in ancient Egypt.

This extraordinary translation of a tale by Michael Hoffen, a 16-year-old young author, will acquaint readers with the life of a teenage boy in ancient Egypt and show readers that working for a living has never been easy!

Sail up the Nile with an ancient Egyptian father and son and discover what daily life was like along the way. Experience the wonderful world of ancient Egypt with the help of countless artificats and paintings. Delight in four-thousand-year-old humor and immerse yourself in the choices facing a teenage boy in Egypt then.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 24 x 30.5 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 15 June 2024
Number of pages 104
Format Hardback
Dimensions 24 x 30.5 cm
Weight 300 g


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Michael Hoffen has been interested in ancient languages and studying the past from a young age. His first formal venture into history was a research paper focusing on criminal schemes and fraud in late 19th-century United States, for which he became the Concord Review's youngest-ever recipient of the Emerson Prize. Michael has been studying Middle Egyptian and Latin since he was thirteen years old, and began this book during the summer of 2021. Outside of his academics, he enjoys biking, rock climbing, and swimming.