Brooches and Badges


An engaging overview of the changing styles and uses of brooches and badges from the Middle Ages to today, illustrated with rare and luxurious examples.


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Rachel Church


From medieval pilgrim badges and Renaissance hat decorations to jewelled brooches and twentieth-century political pins, brooches and badges are often more than practical or decorative dress fasteners; they are expressions of identity. Focusing on the V&A¹s world-famous collection, Brooches & Badges explores the evolution of these intricate and versatile works of art, and the way in which changes in dress have dictated their use.

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Weight 632 g
Dimensions 16 x 23.4 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 1 June 2019
Number of pages 160
Format Hardback
Dimensions 16 x 23.4 cm
Weight 632 g


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