Buns in the Oven

John Olsen's Bakery Art School



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Juliet Schlunke


John Olsen’s atelier, The Bakery Art School, was a uniquely exciting arts institution that deserves to be better known. Established in an old bakery building in Sydney’s Paddington in 1967, the school ran until 1970. In this book about Olsen and the school, Juliet Schlunke, a former student, eloquently captures the mood of the late-hippy era in Sydney and the influence of John Olsen on a generation of young artists. Olsen’s teaching methods are discussed, as well as his life-drawing classes and his preparation of lunches for students and visitors including William Drysdale, Bill Rose, Fred Williams, Janet Dawson, Rudy Komon, Peter Upward, Clifton Pugh, Robert Walker and Ann Thompson.

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Publication date 1 August 2016
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Dimensions 17.6 x 23.6 cm
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Juliet Schlunke was born in 1957 at 'Rosenthal', a sheep and wheat property in the Riverina district of New South Wales. She moved to Sydney at age 16, and in 1968 studied painting at The Bakery Art School in Paddington, later exhibiting at Hogarth Galleries in Sydney. She has written two novels in French, both published by Editions Parole, and in 2012 opened an art gallery, boutique and workshop in the beautiful village of Ansouis in the south of France.