Cabinets of Curiosities


This spectacular and ingenious history is one of those rare books that rescues a visually rich but little known subject from the past and shows its power to excite us today


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Patrick Mauriès


‘Infinite riches in a little room’ – such were the cabinets of curiosities of the 17th century, the last period of history when man could aspire to know everything. Once the concern only of scholars and art-historians, the cabinet of curiosities has, since the Surrealists, undergone an astonishing revival as an object of aesthetic pleasure, as well as emerging as a source of inspiration for interior designers and contemporary artists.

Unicorn horns, mermaids’ skeletons, minerals of breath-taking beauty, fossils, preserved animals and plants, sea-shells, monstrous births, insects in amber, wax effigies, death-masks, ivory carvings of incredible virtuosity, automata that imitated living things, clocks, musical instruments, lenses, celestial globes … all knowledge, the whole cosmos arranged – all these could be found in Cabinets of Curiosity.

This book traces their amazing history, from their first appearance in the inventories and engravings commissioned by Renaissance nobles such as the Medici or the Hapsburgs, via those of the Dane Ole Wurm and the Italian polymath Athanasius Kircher, to the serious 17th- and 18th-century scientists Elias Ashmole and Levinas Vincent.

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Weight 1796 g
Dimensions 23.2 x 31.5 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 1 November 2011
Number of pages 256
Format Hardback
Dimensions 23.2 x 31.5 cm
Weight 1796 g


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Patrick Mauriès is a writer and publisher of many notable titles on fashion and design, including Jewelry by Chanel, A Cabinet of Rarities, The World According to Karl and Fashion Quotes to name a few, all published by Thames & Hudson.