Cat Nerd

Battle of the breeds


A cat show in a box, this card game will determine which of these 50 breeds is the champion.


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The Selkirk Rex or the British Shorthair? The Ragdoll or the Bengal? Cats may be purrfect, but which breed is really the longest? The most independent? The fluffiest? Play Cat Nerd to find out which cat’s the real meow.

To play, deal all the cards equally, and no peeking! In turns, flip the card on top of your deck and choose from one of six categories: Length, Weight, Popularity, Age, Independence or Fluffiness. Each have numerical values. Read one out, and if your feline’s score beats the rest, take all the played cards from that round.

Play until one winner claims the entire kennel!

Additional information

Weight 332 g
Dimensions 10.6 x 14.1 cm
Publisher name Smith Street Books
Publication date 1 February 2023
Number of pages
Format Cards
Contributors Illustrated by Marta Zafra and Smith Street Books
Dimensions 10.6 x 14.1 cm
Weight 332 g


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