Celtic Mysteries

The Ancient Religion



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John Sharkey


The Celtic Mysteries took shape in the flux of in-between states … Bards and Druids evoked a supernatural landscape of spirits and omens, heroic deeds and wonder voyages, all echoed in the sinuous patterns, potent symbols and shape-shifting figures of Celtic art.

Here are the twilight of dawn and dusk; the dew and mist, neither air nor water; the warrior’s demi-divine frenzy; and the dream-state between life and death.

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Publication date 1 February 2013
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Dimensions 15 x 21 cm
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John Sharkey is an author, artist and researcher into Celtic ancient history, spirituality and archaeology. Among his numerous other books are The Meeting of the Tracks: Rock Art in Ancient Wales and The Medicine Tree: Traditional Healing in Wales from Prehistory to the Present.