Celtic Mysteries

The Ancient Religion


This richly illustrated introduction to ancient Celtic religion brings to life the mysterious and fascinating beliefs, rituals and art of the last tribal culture in Europe

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John Sharkey


The Celtic Mysteries took shape in the flux of in-between states … Bards and Druids evoked a supernatural landscape of spirits and omens, heroic deeds and wonder voyages, all echoed in the sinuous patterns, potent symbols and shape-shifting figures of Celtic art.

Here are the twilight of dawn and dusk; the dew and mist, neither air nor water; the warrior’s demi-divine frenzy; and the dream-state between life and death.

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Publication date 1 February 2013
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Dimensions 15 x 21 cm
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John Sharkey is an author, artist and researcher into Celtic ancient history, spirituality and archaeology. Among his numerous other books are The Meeting of the Tracks: Rock Art in Ancient Wales and The Medicine Tree: Traditional Healing in Wales from Prehistory to the Present.