Classic and Modern Fabrics

The Complete Illustrated Sourcebook



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Janet Wilson


This authoritative guide covers all the major fabric types in circulation today, from abbot cloth to zibeline. More than 600 of the most important examples are illustrated and described in clear and accessible language, from classic tweeds to state-of-the-art nano fabrics.

Each entry includes a brief definition, informative details on construction and a list of end uses. Colour illustrations show the fabrics’ texture and other defining characteristics at a glance, while helpful diagrams explain the structure of the most important types.

As technologies change, it is vital that both our skills and our textile vocabulary are kept alive. Although the book’s focus is on fabrics in current use, it also covers obscure or obsolete terms that one might come across. An extensive cross-referencing system and a thorough glossary and bibliography ensure that Classic and Modern Fabrics will become the definitive work of reference for students, designers, textile historians and manufacturers everywhere.

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Publication date 25 March 2010
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Dimensions 22.2 x 28.7 cm
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Janet Wilson is an associate lecturer at the London College of Fashion. She has worked as a textile designer and continues to design fabrics on a freelance basis.