Cut That Out

Contemporary Collage in Graphic Design


The very best in contemporary collage by 50 of the world’s leading creative studios and graphic designers


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Curated by Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards, who work together under the name of DR.ME, Cut That Out focuses on the compositions of 50 leading designers and studios from 14 different countries for whom collage has been the key to creating vibrant, effective work – among them Hort, Paul Sahre and Atelier Bingo.

Each of them uses collage techniques in spectacularly inventive and diverse ways, and materials range from the ‘found’ or rediscovered – old magazines, coloured paper, beads or images from the Internet – to those produced by the artists themselves, such as drawings, photographs or scraps from previously discarded projects. As well as the diverse, cutting-edge work featured throughout, each profile includes a Q&A with the artist that serves to both put the work in context and highlight the visual differences between each designer by exploring their varying methods and attitudes towards collage.

Cut That Out is a rich seam of inspiration to be mimed by all students and graphic designers who wish to explore the creative possibilities of collage in their work.

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DR.ME is a creative studio based in Manchester and founded by Ryan Doyle (DR) and Mark Edwards (ME). Specializing in print, digital and retail design, their clients include Sony, Urban Outfitters and Red Bull, and they have worked collaboratively on projects with designers such as James Victore and Anthony Burrill.