Dart and Dive across the Reef

Life in the world’s busiest reefs


A journey through the world’s oceans, uncovering the incredible co-dependencies between fish, marine animals and reef corals


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Vassiliki Tzomaka


The latest title in Vassiliki Tzomaka’s graphically illustrated ‘Extreme Environments’ series takes young readers on a journey through the world’s reefs to discover the remarkable diversity of life they contain. Through a series of detailed landscape scenes, it demonstrates the degree to which flora and fauna depend on each other for survival, and the unique tactics the fish and marine life use to protect themselves. Focus spreads zoom in on specific species that are especially unusual, clever, or at risk, while infographic illustrations help to quantify the many dangers faced by creatures that inhabit the reefs. By taking a scientific approach to illustrated non-fiction, it raises awareness of the marine environment in a way that makes nature fascinating, engaging and deeply impressive to young children.

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Weight 559 g
Dimensions 30.7 x 23.7 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 2 August 2021
Number of pages 56
Format Hardback
Dimensions 30.7 x 23.7 cm
Weight 559 g


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Vassiliki Tzomaka is a designer and illustrator based in Colchester, UK. She has a PhD in illustration from the Centre for Children's Book Illustration, Cambridge School of Art. For the 'Extreme Environments' series she has drawn on her BSc in chemistry and MA in environmental studies to devise a distinctive visual approach to introducing children to the life in extreme environments.