Deck of Stars

A guide to the night sky


Take the night sky home with this deck of cards that teaches you about the constellations.


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Dr Sara Webb


Across human cultures and history, we have looked up to the heavens and discovered the constellations, from Auriga to Cassiopeia and Cygnus to Lyra. Each cluster of stars has its own story, both mythic and scientific. With The Deck of Stars, you can learn about both.

With 50 cards, this deck teaches you about the science behind each constellation, the lore that accompanies them, and how to spot these patterns of stars in the night sky. Space is full of magic, and these illustrated cards captures it in a beautiful box.

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Weight 348 g
Dimensions 10.6 x 14.1 cm
Publisher name Smith Street Books
Publication date 29 August 2023
Number of pages
Format Cards
Dimensions 10.6 x 14.1 cm
Weight 348 g


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