Forever Saul Leiter


A new collection of Saul Leiter’s work, much of it published here for the first time


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A new collection of Saul Leiter’s work, much of it published here for the first time.

Saul Leiter remained relatively unsung until he was rediscovered by curators and critics in his early 80s, and his work has been drastically re-evaluated over the last two decades. Leiter’s painterly images evoked the flow and rhythm of life on the mid-century streets of New York in luminous colour, at a time when his contemporaries were shooting in black and white. His complex and impressionistic photographs are as much about evoking an atmosphere as nailing the decisive moment.

In recent years, Leiter has been in the spotlight more and more with a series of exhibitions and publications. His studio in New York’s East Village, where he had lived since 1952 until his death in 2013, is now the home of the Saul Leiter Foundation. The foundation has begun a full-scale survey and organization of his more than 80,000 works, with the aim of compiling the ‘complete’ archive. This volume contains works discovered through this process, valuable documents that reveal the secrets of Saul Leiter’s creation, unpublished works, popular colour works and black-and-white works that have not been published so far, as well as works that trace the memories of those closest to him taken in private.

As Saul Leiter said, ‘Photographs are often treated as capturing important moments, but they are really small fragments and memories of the world that never ends.’ This is Forever Saul Leiter.

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Weight 615 g
Dimensions 15.2 x 21.1 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 16 December 2021
Number of pages 296
Format Paperback / softback
Contributors Photographs by Saul Leiter, Text by Margit Erb, Michael Parillo, and Otake Akiko
Dimensions 15.2 x 21.1 cm
Weight 615 g


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Saul Leiter (1923-2013) was an American photographer and painter whose early work in the 1940s and 1950s made an important contribution to what came to be recognized as the New York school of photography. Margit Erb is the Director of the Saul Leiter Foundation. Michael Parillo is the Associate Director of the Saul Leiter Foundation. Otake Akiko is the author of several books, including The History of Modern Photos.