Gilbert & George: Dark Shadow (Limited Edition)

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First published in 1974, Dark Shadow was created by Gilbert & George as a ‘living sculpture book’. A piece of art in itself, the text is written by the pair and the book includes original photographs of the pair, their famous home in Spitalfields and their paintings.

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First published in 1974, Dark Shadow was created by Gilbert & George as a ‘living sculpture book’. Long out of print, this new edition enables anyone to own a little piece of their art.

Gilbert & George describe Dark Shadow as a living sculpture book, a ‘result of our past three years of earnest daily thoughts, shadows, deeds, cares and pleasures.’ Written by the artists, Dark Shadow offers a unique perspective on their work and an insight into their minds. Like their art, Gilbert & George’s writing is irreverent, rebellious, fantastical, often funny and deeply poetic. Each book is a piece of art in itself; uniquely bound in hand marbled cloth created by the pair. Dark Shadow is structured into eight chapters, which elaborate on different aspects of their work such as ‘Gordons Gin’, ‘Bloody Life’ and ‘Human Bondage’. It includes original photographs of Gilbert & George, their famous home in Spitalfields and paintings. As is emblazoned on the cover, Dark Shadow is a continuation of their lifelong agenda ‘Art for All.’

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Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 25 June 2024
Number of pages 258
Format Hardback
Dimensions 13 x 20 cm
Weight 300 g


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Gilbert & George began creating art together in 1967 when they met at St Martins School of Art, and from the beginning - in their films and LIVING SCULPTURE performances - they have appeared as figures in their own art. The artists believe that everything is potential subject matter for art, and they have always addressed social issues, taboos and artistic conventions. Implicit in their art is the idea that an artist's sacrifice and personal investment is a necessary condition of art. They have depicted themselves as naked figures in their own pictures, recasting the male nude as something vulnerable and fragile rather than as a potent figure of strength. The backdrop and inspiration for much of their art is the East End of London where Gilbert & George have lived and created art for nearly 50 years. From street signs to Ginkgo trees, from chewing gum stains on the pavements to vistas of urban grandeur and decay, their work is both an ongoing portrait of a city and a reflection on the human condition. Gilbert & George have confronted many of the fundamental issues of existence: sex, religion, corruption, violence, hope, fear, addiction and death.