Houseplant Gardener in a Box



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Jane Perrone


Watch your home come to life with flowers and foliage, thanks to expert advice from the Houseplant Gardener.

What sort of plants love a bathroom? How can you bring an orchid back into flower? What needs regular watering, and what doesn’t mind if you forget? What can you put on a sunny windowsill, and what will send foliage tumbling attractively from a shelf?

Author, journalist, podcaster, and now houseplant-gardener-in-a-box, Jane Perrone answers all these questions and hundreds more. Drawing on years of experience and research, her cards provide sensible, practical and inspiring advice. The accompanying book will guide you through the process of selecting plants, and Cody Bond’s beautiful illustrations will inspire you along the way.

Additional information

Weight 428 g
Dimensions 10.8 x 16.9 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 11 October 2023
Number of pages
Format Cards
Contributors Illustrated by Cody Bond
Dimensions 10.8 x 16.9 cm
Weight 428 g


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