Let it Lizzo

50 reasons why Lizzo is perfection



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Billie Oliver


To many, it seemed as though Lizzo shot to fame overnight. But long-time fans, like author Billie Oliver, know this is hardly the case. Lizzo’s story is one of tireless persistence, in an industry and media landscape where she was often made to feel like she didn’t belong. Well, you better believe that never stopped Lizzo.

Lizzobangers, her debut album, dropped in 2014 and piqued the interest of the American music industry. There were murmurs, and some collaborations (*cough* Prince *cough*). But it was from 2016 onwards, as Lizzo’s hilarious online presence grew in step with her status as a body positivity and self-love advocate, that her ascent to global stardom began.

All the while, Lizzo maintained her brand of I-don’t-give-a-f**k sincerity that many of us now aspire to. Or at least enjoy watching. How many other artists can claim to have twerked on stages around the world while playing classical flute?

This book offers 50 pieces of Lizzo’s story as a tribute to an icon who truly shines (and lets us all shine too).

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Publication date 1 October 2021
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Dimensions 16.8 x 22.3 cm
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