Lines of thought

Drawing from michelangelo to now


An examination of the process and practice of drawing, showcasing over 500 years of work from Michelangelo to the present day

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Isabel Seligman


Looking at works from a range of different artists and their various approaches, Lines of Thoughts examines the process and practice of drawing, showcasing artworks from 15th- and 16th-century masters, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, right up to artists working today. In arranging them not by period or style, but by the types of thinking that give rise to them, readers gain fresh insights into the thought processes of some of the world’s greatest artists. This thematic rather than chronological structure allows to place historical drawings side-by-side with modern and contemporary works, to show how artists from widely differing times and places have all used drawing to record, explore and develop ideas.

This book, which ties in with the British Museum’s exhibition ‘Lines of Thought: Michelangelo to Bridget Riley. Drawings from the British Museum’, includes highlights of the British Museum’s Prints and Drawings collection, as well as some lesser-known contemporary works.

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Publication date 20 November 2016
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Dimensions 22.1 x 25 cm
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Isabel Seligman is the Bridget Riley Art Foundation Exhibition Curator at the British Museum.