Ludwig Bemelmans


One of two titles in a new series introducing the life and work of the great illustrators, both contemporary and historical.


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Quentin Blake, Laurie Britton Newell


While almost everybody knows Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline, the fact that the illustrator published over forty other titles remains a well-kept secret. The first title in Thames & Hudson’s brand-new series, this book offers a visually rich insight into the life and work of this important artist and writer.

Ludwig Bemelmans grew up under the Austro-Hungarian empire and emigrated to the United States in his late teens, just escaping the outbreak of the First World War. His illustrations for the Madeline books offer a classic vision of Paris that has created a lasting impression on millions of readers. And every illustrator would love to know how he conveyed all the emotions of a spirited little girl drawn with just a few lines and dots; how did he achieve such clarity in simplicity?

Laurie Britton Newell’s illustrated essay gathers material from Bemelmans’ diverse oeuvre, from novels, autobiographical stories, humorous articles and comic strips to murals and menus for hotels and restaurants. The book makes accessible this mesmerizing material, which is otherwise lost to the public, and connects it to the artist’s intriguing life. An icon of a fascinating era, Bemelmans through his magical work gives us glimpses of a life that embodied both hard work and glamour, in Paris and New York.

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Weight 527 g
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Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 21 May 2019
Number of pages 112
Format Hardback
Dimensions 19.5 x 24.7 cm
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