Metal Patination Techniques for Jewelers and Metalsmiths


A collection of over 300 metal patination recipes and instructions for everybody working in metals: jewelers, sculptors or artists


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Matthew Runfola


Written by a leading authority on the subject of patination, this volume is both an inspirational resource and a much-needed practical guide. This all-skill-level book is clearly organized by metal and then arranged by colour. Each recipe is illustrated so you can see the final effect, and many feature non-hazardous materials. Step-by-step sequences walk the beginner through each process.

There are scores of possible effects and many variables: Matthew Runfola chooses the most beautiful and arresting, and selects for inclusion pieces by a range of leading artisans, working on exquisite pieces of jewelry or small-scale metal sculptures. All artists will draw inspiration from the range of work shown here.

• More than 300 coloration techniques are shown on a variety of metals, including copper, brass, bronze, silver, stainless steel, steel and aluminium.

• Explore application techniques, including immersion, brush application, spraying, fuming, layering, the use of resists, hot and cold applications, and more.

• Learn the durability of patinas and how different metals react to different treatments so you can determine what is right for your own work.

• Understand important safety information including handling and disposing of hazardous or corrosive materials correctly, proper ventilation, setting up a workspace and creating a toolbox.

• Advance your patination skills as you work from beginner-friendly to more advanced surface-treatment techniques.

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Matthew Runfola is the proprietor of Runfola Studios, a high-end contemporary furniture and sculpture design/build business based in Chicago, USA, focusing on unique surface patinas and colorations. He currently teaches and heads the Metal Sculpture Department at the Evanston Art Center, and his works can be found in numerous private collections worldwide.