Miró’s Magic Animals


A delightful introduction to the work of Miró from the bestselling author of The Boy Who Bit Picasso


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Antony Penrose


In Miró’s Magic Animals Antony Penrose recalls a visit by Miró to his childhood home and a trip to London Zoo, where the artist Miró asked to see ‘large birds, snakes and strange creatures of the night’.

Joan Miró was a quiet and kind man who ‘dreamed when he was awake’ and painted wonderfully strange worlds filled with magical animals. Beautifully illustrated with some of Miró’s finest works, as well as evocative archive photography by Lee Miller, Tony Penrose’s mother, and specially commissioned artworks by children done in the style of Miró, this book will inspire and appeal to art fans of any age.

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Weight 339 g
Dimensions 17.9 x 23.4 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 1 March 2016
Number of pages 48
Format Hardback
Dimensions 17.9 x 23.4 cm
Weight 339 g


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Antony Penrose is a British photographer. The son of Sir Roland Penrose and Lee Miller, he is director of the Lee Miller Archive and Penrose Collection at his parents' former home, Farley Farm House. He has published a number of books including two collections of his mother's photography, Lee Miller's War and The Lives of Lee Miller, and some children's books.