Mole in a Black and White Hole


An imaginative, charming tale about searching for beauty and light in the world around us


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Tereza Sediva


When Mole looks around his underground home, all he sees is the black-and-white world of his cold, dark hole. Mole digs and digs, dreaming of finding something colourful, but day after day, he is disappointed. One day, Mole finds a radish poking through the top of his tunnel like a chandelier. They start chatting, and as Mole listens to the descriptions of life above ground, he imagines bright clothes, red roofs, vibrant green trees, pastel flowers and the blush of the sun as it sinks through the sky. The next morning, Mole is distraught to discover that his chandelier is gone, leaving a hole in its place. He crawls out of the hole and into the world above – and into a place more colourful than he ever dreamed possible.

Printed in vivid pantones and with an inventive die-cut hole in the cover, Mole in a Black and White Hole tells a charming tale about what awaits us when we seek out the light in the darkness.

Additional information

Weight 376 g
Dimensions 19.2 x 29.9 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 18 February 2021
Number of pages 32
Format Hardback
Dimensions 19.2 x 29.9 cm
Weight 376 g


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Tereza Sediva is a Czech illustrator living in Brno, with an MA in Children's Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. Tereza runs educational workshops for Czech stationery shop and studio Papelote, and is the co-founder with Mamoko Kudo of 'Moles in Holes', producing illustrated stationery, toys and accessories for the home. Mole in a Black and White Hole is her first book.