Monsters in the Fog


A donkey’s trip up the mountain turns eerie when he encounters “monsters” along the way in this humorous, suspenseful tale about challenging first impressions


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Ali Bahrampour


Hakim is traveling up the mountain to visit his friend Daisy, but the fog is so thick that he can’t see the road ahead. Then an old goat appears out of nowhere and delivers a sinister warning: “Beware! Beware! There are monsters up there!”

Hakim trots with caution, until he hears an awful groan, growing closer and closer. And out of the mist comes the strangest creature Hakim has ever seen. . . .

Is Hakim doomed? Or are things not always what they seem? In this clever story about how appearances can be deceiving, Ali Bahrampour reminds us that everyone looks like a monster in the fog-until you get closer.

Additional information

Weight 394 g
Dimensions 21.2 x 26.2 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 16 June 2022
Number of pages 32
Format Hardback
Dimensions 21.2 x 26.2 cm
Weight 394 g


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Ali Bahrampour grew up in Tehran, Iran, and the United States. He was a 2011 recipient of the Sendak Fellowship for picture book artists and is the author-illustrator of A Pig in the Palace. He lives in New York City with his family.