Neeson Murcutt Neille

Setting Architecture


The second in a series of monographs that recognises the work of Australia’s most exciting architectural practices, urban designers and landscape architects.


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Anna Johnson, Richard Black


Neeson Murcutt Neille demonstrate a deeply empathetic approach to making architecture, one that is integrally connected to landscape, history, identity, culture and place.

Whether a surf lifesaving club, a school gymnasium, a museum or a single-family house, each project exists in dialogue with its environment. The relationship between architecture and setting is integral, the architects building on histories to find new life in contemporary contexts, informed by a deep respect for the Indigenous connection to Country.

Neeson Murcutt Neille: Setting Architecture draws on residential, civic and education projects alike to celebrate the practice’s long commitment to creating joyful spaces that contribute to private and public life. Woven throughout, Richard Black and Anna Johnson’s evocative essay unravels a tapestry of themes to uncover the practice’s intentions and the crafting of architecture around stories of family and community, along with deliberate explorations of space, colour and detail.

With immersive, full-colour images, drawings and models, along with personal reflections from the architects themselves, this monograph offers an intimate insight into a generous and inclusive way of practising architecture.

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Publication date 28 June 2022
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Anna Johnson is a senior lecturer in architecture with RMIT School of Architecture & Urban Design. Her research, teaching and design practice has been concerned with relationships of landscape, context and architecture, as well as in narrative and architecture. She is also an author with several books published on architecture, including Urban Sanctuary and Living in the Landscape, co-authored with Richard black and published by Thames and Hudson.

Richard Black is an associate professor in architecture with RMIT School of Architecture & Urban Design. His design practice, teaching and research activities explore overlaps between urbanism, architecture, and landscape. He is co-author with Anna Johnson of Urban Sanctuary and Living in the Landscape by Thames and Hudson.